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Based on qualifying income and deductions. See if you qualify



For homeowners, families or people with student loans.

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For investors, rental properties, or foreign bank accounts.

Price Tag TurboTax Price: $89


For independent contractors, freelancers or side gig workers.

Price Tag TurboTax Price: $89

All-Inclusive Bundle

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Includes Refund Transfer, audit protection, federal forms, one state return, and E-File Concierge.

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Add Xpert AssistSM for $39.99 and get unlimited help from our live tax experts. They’ll give you helpful tax advice as needed, and they can quickly review your taxes before you file. Get the support you need and file with confidence today.*

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Do you qualify for a basic federal tax return?

See if you qualify for free federal filing for basic returns by reading the list of tax situations below. We’ll go over what is covered and what situations are not covered:

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Situations covered:

(assuming no added tax complexity)

  • W-2 income

  • Unemployment income

  • Retirement income

  • Child Tax Credits

  • Earned Income Credits

  • Stimulus Credit

  • Dependents

  • Current students

Red X with a light colored circle behind it

Situations not covered:

  • Investment income: Stock, interest, dividends, crypto, or capital gains/losses

  • Sale of home, real estate taxes, mortgage interest, or rental property income

  • Royalty, trusts, and foreign accounts

  • Business and farm income

  • Itemized deductions

  • Adoption credits and child and dependent care

  • Student loan interest

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Freelance, contractor, side hustle, or self-employed income and expenses

If you don’t qualify for a basic federal tax return, we have other paid tax filing options to help you easily file taxes online with TaxAct.