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Security is a top priority for us at TaxAct

We work to protect your personal information by using appropriate and generally accepted safeguards, procedures, and practices for both physical and online security. We partner with the IRS and state authorities to implement safeguards to protect your account.

Read below for more information about the security features we use during the sign in process to help protect your account, the tools we provide to help you be aware of any use of your account, and what you can do if you have a concern about security.

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Identity authentication when you sign in to your account

We have implemented several features in the sign in process to help make sure it's really you accessing your account:

  • More complex password requirements

  • Authentication by mobile phone or Google Authenticator

  • Trusted device verification

To verify your identity, we'll send a unique security code to your mobile phone when you sign in or you can retrieve the code from your linked Google Authenticator app. Simply enter that code to authenticate your identity and access your information.

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Set Security Rules

See all your sign in settings and choose how you want to protect your information in the My Preferences tile. Tailor how you authenticate your identity, update your security questions, and more.

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SSN Notifications

We'll notify you if another user has already entered the same Social Security Number, helping you identify typos that could delay your refund and alerting you to possible pre-existing identity theft.

How we protect your information

In addition to identity authentication, vigorous monitoring, and other security processes, TaxAct encrypts your data every time it's sent to us or the IRS. We use industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol which provides data encryption, message integrity, and server authentication. In addition, we take pride in being Payment Card Industry compliant, ensuring that your payment information is safe. For more information, see our Security Information Page.

Help us keep you secure

If you notice suspicious activity related to your bank account, credit cards, or other financial accounts, see these recommendations from the IRS. Never provide your usernames or passwords to others, and always maintain good security practices. For additional help, see these resources:

If you have questions or need further assistance, please .

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