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Save Add 4 additional federal e-files for only $7 Order
Get the Maximum IRS Refund Possible
TaxACT Free Edition free tax preparation software and Deluxe include a maximum refund pledge for accepted Federal E-filed returns
Boost your tax savings with TaxACT Deduction, Credit, and Income Examiners
Free IRS E-file for a Fast Refund
Get your refund the fastest way possible with free Federal efile and direct deposit2
Receive official confirmation that the IRS received your return
Deposit your refund into multiple accounts
Quick Convert™ brings in info from last year's return
Starting with TaxACT doesn't mean starting from scratch! Get a boost by bringing in info from last year's return, no matter how you filed.
Import key data from last year's PDF return prepared with other software*
Save time & reduce the chance of errors
Fast & Easy to Prepare and E-file Your Taxes
Navigate your return on your terms. With TaxACT Bookmarks, simply mark & return to any question at any time.
Simple interview questions take you step-by-step through the tax preparation process
Walk-Through Videos help transition you through each step of your TaxACT return
TaxACT Life Events guide you through common life changes & explain their impact on your taxes**
Handles Simple & Complex IRS Returns
Supports 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ Income Tax Returns
Report business income and expenses on Schedule C, and much more - view supported forms & schedules
100% Accuracy Guaranteed
We'll pay the penalty & interest if you're assessed a penalty due to a calculation error in TaxACT
Unlimited Free Tax Help & Support
Stumped by a tax question, need help with TaxACT, or looking for a specific part of your return? TaxACT's Answer Center gives you personalized, free help - whenever you need it. Type in your question for the fastest answers or e-mail our tax specialists.
Get free tax help via e-mail from our highly qualified tax specialists, or receive help via phone for a one-time fee of $7.99 for the entire 2014 tax year.
Get free tax help via e-mail or phone (upon product payment) from our highly qualified tax specialists for the entire 2014 tax year.
Find instant answers using our extensive Help Topics and Videos
Loan and Savings Calculators
Calculate loan payments or the future value of savings deposits
Print amortization & accumulation schedules
Save Time & Reduce Errors with Deluxe Import
TaxACT Deluxe Import will auto-populate key information from your prior year return
Import stock transaction information provided by your brokerage company using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file
Import information from GainsKeeper®, TradeLog®, TD Ameritrade™, ShareBuilder®, and Form8949.com
W-2 importation available from select payroll providers
Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund within 30 days of receipt and you will receive your money back (excluding shipping). No questions asked!
Accurately Tracks & Values Your Non-Cash Donations
TaxACT Donation Assistant® tracks & provides certified valuations for more than 1,300 commonly donated items in accordance with IRS guidelines
Expert Tax Help and Guidance On Demand
TaxACT TaxTutor Guidance explains complex tax laws, pitfalls to avoid, recent tax law changes, tax filing tips and year-end tax strategies
Life Event Tips will remind you of steps you should take or alert you to important information related to your life changes. Select the events that occurred to view tips as you complete your return.
Powerful Tax Calculators & Reports
TaxACT's Married Filing Joint vs. Separate Report analyzes your joint return & tells you if filing separate would mean bigger tax savings
View the status of your depreciation, disposal, and capital gains
Compare the highlights of your tax return with the average U.S. citizen's with TaxACT's National Averages Report
TaxACT TaxWatch helps customize a plan for you to help lower next year's tax burden
Prepare and Print Unlimited Federal Returns
Free tax preparation & printing for parents, children, and more at no additional cost
Includes one free efiled return - up to four additional federal returns may be efiled for $9.99 each. Per IRS regulations, you are limited to five returns filed electronically
Save Includes State Return (a $14.99 value)2
Automatically transfer information from your Federal to your State return - you're almost finished before you start
Receive your State refund the fastest way possible with efile - only $9.99. State e-filing fees do not apply to New York state returns.
Your state return is guaranteed accurate, utilizing all the latest forms & tax law changes
Save Add 4 additional federal e-files for only $7 Order

1 CD-ROM Orders: Add $5.99 for shipping

2 For the fastest refund, e-file and choose direct deposit. Refund time varies based on IRS processing time and financial institution. TaxACT Deluxe includes one free Federal electronically filed return. Along with unlimited preparation and printing of returns, TaxACT Deluxe for download or CD allows up to four additional Federal returns to be filed electronically for $9.99 each. Per IRS regulations, you are limited to 5 returns filed electronically. TaxACT State for download or CD can electronically file State returns for only $9.99 each. State e-filing fees do not apply to New York state returns.

* TaxACT can import tax data from PDF files prepared by the following software solutions: TurboTax®, H&R Block At Home®.

** TaxACT Free Edition users are given access to Financial Hard Times plus one additional Life Event of their choice. Deluxe and Ultimate users are able to access all Life Events topics.