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Having trouble signing in to your TaxAct Account? Find your fastest answers here!

  • I forgot my username or password. Get answer

  • I haven't received my password reset email. Get answer

  • I forgot the answer to my security question. Get answer

  • I need a verification code. (Or I no longer have access to the email account for my TaxAct Account.) Get answer

  • What is a verification code and how is it used? Get answer

  • How do I avoid having to enter a verification code every time I sign in to TaxAct? Get answer

  • How do I update my password or security Q&A? Get answer

  • I want to receive verification codes via text message. Where do I enter my phone number in my account? Get answer

  • Why did I receive an email about signing in from a new location? Get answer

  • I’ve been locked out of my account. How do I unlock it? Get answer

  • What is TaxAct doing to protect my account and information? Get answer

  • Can I change my username? Get answer

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