This modern tax practice platform is changing the game for Tax Professionals through workflow automation, enhanced client experience, and integrated capabilities to give your tax practice superpowers

Tax Professionals running their practice on Taxaroo are achieving amazing results:

  • Take on more clients
    Through automation of client organizers, document collection, and progress notifications, tax firms are seeing up to a 50% reduction in time spent collecting information and following up with clients. Clients can work with you virtually, freeing you up from unnecessary office visits. Additionally, clients are happier with reduced office wait times when they come prepared in advance.
  • Be an effective advisor
    These time savings come with the benefit of your team having more time during tax season to act as a trusted advisor to your clients rather than spending hours on administrative tasks.
  • Increase profits and improve your brand
    With more clients and a streamlined workflow, profitability is increasing dramatically for tax professionals. Tax firm owners have the added benefit of analytics to gain insight on firm and team performance. Additionally, collecting client reviews and feedback privately on Taxaroo enables you to triage poor client experiences and keep your brand protected
  • Work from anywhere
    With Taxaroo you now have a complete virtual office, allowing you and your team the flexibility to work from anywhere. Even better, your clients too can work with you remotely extending your client base beyond your physical location.

Taxaroo gives you access to a broad range of capabilities to ensure your practice is successful:

  • Automated client organizers to streamline data collection
  • Secure document storage
  • Integrated electronic invoicing & payments
  • IRS-compliant electronic signatures
  • Analytics to gain insights on practice and team performance
  • Team workflow for seamless assignment & review

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