Save time & help clients get their refunds faster by e-filing with TaxAct

E-filing with TaxAct is available for all federal returns, income-taxing states that support e-filing and select 1041, 1065, 1120S & 1120 states. The IRS requires professional tax preparers who file 11 or more individual federal returns per calendar year to have an EFIN. If you don't have an EFIN, apply now.

Reminder: In order to help prevent identity theft, protect your and your clients' data, and comply with IRS requirements, TaxAct Professional must verify your EFIN credentials. Read verification instructions here.

Unlimited e-filing Maximize Your Savings

Save money with TaxAct Bundles that include everything you need to prepare, print and e-file unlimited federal & state tax returns. Unlimited e-filing goes into effect at the time unlimited e-filing is purchased.

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Pay-per-return plans

Only pay for the e-files you use by taking advantage of our automatic volume pricing.

Number of client returns (SSN or EIN) Price (includes both Federal + State(s))
First 100 clients $15 per return type
(1040, 1041, 1065, 1120S, 1120, 990)1
101+ clients2 Free

Call (319) 536-3571 to purchase.

Need unlimited federal and state e-filing? Save money with TaxAct Bundles.

  1. Only one $15 fee is charged for both Federal and State(s) returns e-filed per SSN or EIN. Prices subject to change.
  2. Free e-filing begins AFTER the entire fee for 100 client returns has been paid.

Pre-paid e-filing

Paying per client return? Take advantage of TaxAct's pre-paid e-filing.

Purchase e-filing in advance in $1 increments and add to your balance at any time.

Call (319) 536-3571 to purchase.

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E-file fees do not apply to New York state returns.