Rest assured our calculations are correct!

If you are assessed a penalty from the IRS or state taxing authority due to a calculation error in a TaxAct product, we'll pay the penalty and interest. See limitations below.

This guarantee does not apply if you use a TaxAct product commercially to prepare returns for others. This guarantee does not apply if you override amounts within your tax return, if you fail to enter all required information accurately, if you make willful or fraudulent claims on your return, misclassify information, or fail to file an amended return to avoid or reduce your penalty after TaxAct has announced updates or corrections to our products. To claim a reimbursement, send written notice to TaxAct, Inc. at 1425 60th Street NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 within 30 days of the IRS or state imposing a penalty. Include a paper copy and a data file copy of the TaxAct return, a copy of the penalty notification from the IRS and any other pertinent data that may be requested in order to determine if the penalty was indeed due to a TaxAct calculation error. Note: If you used TaxAct Online or Express, the data file is not required.

Accuracy Guarantee