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Forms & schedules
Form 65Alabama Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return of Income
Form PTE-CNonresident Composite Payment Return
Form PPTAlabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report
Form BIT-VBusiness Income Tax Payment Voucher
Form 2848APower of Attorney and Declaration of Representative
Form 8453PTES-Corporation/Partnership Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
Schedule K-1Owner's/Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.
Schedule PABAdd-Back Form
Schedule PCPass-Through Credits
Schedule QIP-CQualified Investment Partnership Certification


Forms & schedules
Form 6900Alaska Partnership Information Return
Schedule K-1Alaska Partnership Information Return — Schedule K-1


Forms & schedules
Form 165Arizona Partnership Income Tax Return
Form 165 Schedule K-1Schedule K-1 Resident Partner's Share of Adjustment to Partnership Income
Form 165 Schedule K-1(NR)Schedule K-1(NR) Arizona Nonresident and Out-of-State Partner's Share of Income and Deductions
Form 120EXTApplication for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation, Partnership, and Exempt Organization Returns
Schedule ACAAir Carrier Apportionment
Schedule MSPMultistate Service Provider Election and Computation
Other Additions WorksheetOther Additions Worksheet
Other Subtractions WorksheetOther Subtractions Worksheet
Net Long-Term Capital Gain Subtraction for Assets Acquired after 12/31/2011Partners' Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 1050Arkansas Partnership Income Tax Return
Form 1050 Schedule K-1Schedule K-1 Resident Partner's Share of Adjustment to Partnership Income
AR1103Application to be a Small  Business Corporation
AR1055Request for Extension of Time to File
AR8453-PEDeclaration for Electronic Filing with Partnership Income Tax


Forms & schedules
Form 565California Partnership Return of Income
Form 568California Limited Liability Company Return of Income
Schedule D (565)Capital Gain or Loss
Schedule D (568)Capital Gain or Loss
Schedule D-1Sales of Business Property
Schedule K-1 (565)Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.
Schedule K-1 (568)Member's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, etc.
Schedule RApportionment and Allocation of Income
Form 3522LLC Tax Voucher
Form 3536 (LLC)Estimated Fee for LLCs
Form 3537 (LLC)Payment for Automatic Extension for LLCs
Form 3538 (565)Payment for Automatic Extension for LPs, LLPs, and REMCIs
Form 3832Limited Liability Company Nonresident Member's Consent
Form 3885LDepreciation and Amortization
Form 3885PDepreciation and Amortization
Form 8825California Rental Real Estate Income and Expense
Worksheet LLCLimited Liability Company Income Worksheet
Form 565/568Use Tax Calculation Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 106Colorado Pass-Through Entity and Composite Nonresident Income Tax Return
Form 106CRColorado Pass-Through Entity Credit Form
Form 158NPayment Form for Extension of Time for Filing a Colorado Composite Nonresident Income Tax Return
Form 0107Colorado Nonresident Partner, Shareholder, or Member Agreement
Form 0108Statement of Colorado Tax Remittance For Nonresident Partner, Shareholder, or Member
Form 0617Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit
Form 0900PPayment Form for Electronic Filing
Form 1366Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule
Form 1778E-File Attachment Form
Form 8453PDeclaration for Electronic Filing
Schedule K-1Partner/Shareholder/Member Information


Forms & schedules
CT-1065/T1120SI-VElectronic Filing Payment Voucher
CT-1065/CT-1120SI-EXTExtension of Time to File Tax Return
CT-1065/CT-1120SIComposite Income Tax Return
CT- K-1Member’s Share of Certain Connecticut Items
Form OP-424Business Entity Tax Return


Forms & schedules
Form D-65Partnership Return of Income
Form D-30Unincorporated Business Franchise Tax Return
Form D-30ESDeclaration of Estimated Franchise Tax
Form D-2030PPayment Voucher
Form D-2220Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Businesses
Form FR-128Application for Extension of Time to File
Schedule UBBusiness Credits
Commercial FormAlternative Fuel Vehicle Conversion and Infrastructure Credits


Forms & schedules
Form DE 300Delaware Partnership Return of Income
DE 300 Schedule K-1Partner's Share of Income


Forms & schedules
Form F-1065Florida Partnership Information Return
Form F-7004Extension of Time to File


Forms & schedules
Form 700Georgia Partnership Tax Return
Form IT-303Extension of Time to File
Schedule K-1Income to Partners
Form GA4562Depreciation and Amortization
Form 8453-PPartnership Tax Return Declaration for Electronic Filing
Schedule K-1Disposition of Property with Section 179 Expense Deduction Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form N-20Partnership Return of Income
Form N-301Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File
Schedule AMDExplanation of Changes on Amended Return
Schedule DCapital Gains and Losses and Built-In Gains
Schedule D-1Sale of Business Property
Schedule K-1 Partner's Share of Income, Credits, Deductions, Etc.
Schedule O and PAllocation and Apportionment of Income


Forms & schedules
Form 65Idaho Partnership Return of Income
Form 42Idaho Apportionment and Combined Reporting Adjustments
Form 44Idaho Business Income Tax Credits and Credit Recapture
Form ID K-1Partner's, Shareholder's, or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments, Credits, Etc.
Form 41ESIdaho Business Income Tax Payments Worksheets
Form PTE-12Idaho Schedule For Pass-Through Owners
Form PTE-01Idaho Income Tax Withholding Statement


Forms & schedules
Form IL-1065Illinois Partnership Replacement Tax Return (includes Sch B)
Form IL-505-BAutomatic Extension Payment
Form IL-4562Special Depreciation
Schedule MOther Additions and Subtractions (for businesses)
Schedule NBNonbusiness Income
Schedule NLDIllinois Net Loss Deduction
Schedule K-1-PPartner's or Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, and Recapture
Schedule K-1-P(3)Pass-through Withholding Calculation for Nonresident Members
Schedule 1299-ATax Subtractions and Credits
Form IL-477Replacement Tax Investment Credits


Forms & schedules
Form IT-65Indiana Partnership Return
Schedule EApportionment of Income for Indiana
Schedule E-7Apportionment for Interstate Transportation
Schedule IN K-1Shareholder's/ Partner's Share of Indiana Adjusted Gross Income, Deductions, Modifications, and Credits
Schedule CompositeEntity's Composite Indiana Adjusted Gross Income Tax Return
Schedule IN-EDGEEconomic Development for a Growing Economy Credit
Schedule IN-EDGE-REconomic Development for a Growing Economy Retention Credit
Schedule IN-OCCOther Certified Credits
Schedule IT-20RECIndiana Research Expense Tax Credit
Schedule EZEnterprise Zone Employment Expense Tax Credit
IT-8879CDeclaration of Electronic Filing
Form IT-65Sales/Use Tax Calculation Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form IA-1065Iowa Partnership Return of Income
Form IA-4562ADepreciation Adjustment Schedule
Schedule K-1Partner's Modifications and Income
Form IA-1065Shareholder's Modifications and Income Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form K-120EXExpensing Deduction Schedule
Form K-120SKansas Partnership Income Tax
Schedule K-1Supplemental Information for Partners
Form K-120SAdditions to Federal Income
Form K-120SNonbusiness Income
Form K-120SSubtractions from Federal Income


Forms & schedules
Form IT-565Partnership Return
Form IT-565BApportionment of Income Schedule


Forms & schedules
Form 510Maryland Pass-Through Entity Income Tax Return
Schedule BPass-Through Entity Income Tax Return Members' Information
500CRBusiness Income Tax Credits
500DMDecoupling Modification
Form 500UPUnderpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Corporations and Pass-Through Entities
Form 510DPass-Through Entity Declaration of Estimated Income Tax
Form 510EApplication for Extension of File Pass-Through Entity Return
Schedule K-1Maryland Pass-through Entity Member's Information
Form EL101BMaryland Income Tax Declaration for Business Electronic Filing


Forms & schedules
Form 3Partnership Return of Income
Schedule 3K-1Partner's Massachusetts Information
Form 8736Application for Extension of Time to File
Form M-8453-PPartnership Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing


Forms & schedules
Form M3Minnesota Partnership Return
Form M3AApportionment and Minimum Fee
Form M3XAmended Partnership Return/ Claim for Refund
Schedule KPCPartner's Share of Income, Credits and Modifications
Schedule KPIPartner's Share of Income, Credits and Modifications
Form M3Partnership Return Payment
Form M3Partnership Extension Payment
Form BankBank Authorization for Direct Debit


Forms & schedules
Form MO-1065Missouri Partnership Return of Income
Form MO-1NRIncome Tax Payments for Nonresident Individual Partners or S Corporation Shareholders
Form MO-2NRStatement of Income Payments for Nonresident Individual Partners or S Corporation Shareholders
Form MO-NRPNonresident Partnership Form


Forms & schedules
Form PR-1Montana Partnership Information and Composite Tax Return
Schedule IApportionment Factors for Multistate Partnerships
Schedule IIMontana Partnership Tax Credits
Schedule IIIMontana Partnership Information
Schedule IVMontana Partnership Composite Income Tax Schedule
Schedule VIReporting of Special Transactions
Form DCACDependent Care Assistance Credits
Form CCCollege Contribution Credit
Form HIHealth Insurance for Uninsured Montanans Credit
Form RCYLRecycle Credit and Deduction
Schedule K-1 (CLT-4S and PR-1)Partner's or Shareholder's Share of Income (Loss), Deductions, Credits, etc.


Forms & schedules
Form 1065NNebraska Return of Partnership Income
Schedule AAdjustments to Ordinary Business Income
Schedule IApportionment for Multistate Business
Schedule IINonresident Individual Shareholder's Share of Nebraska Income
Schedule K-1NShareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, Modifications, and Credits
Form 3800NNebraska Incentives Credit Computation
Form 7004NApplication for Extension of Time to File

New Jersey

Forms & schedules
Form NJ-1065Partnership Return
Partners' DirectoryPartners' General Information
Schedule NJK-1Partner's Share of Income, Adjustments, and Credits
Schedule JCorporation Allocation Schedule
Schedule NJ-NR-ABusiness Allocation Schedule
PART-200-TPartnership Tentative Return and Application for Extension of Time to File
Schedule ATiered Partnership
Schedule BSheltered Workshop Tax Credit
PART-200-TPartnership Application for Extension of Time to File NJ-1065 (name change to existing name on website)
Form NJ-CBT-1065Corporation Business Tax — Partnership Return
Schedule TTiered Partnership Payment Schedule
Form CBT-206Partnership Application for Extension of Time to File NJ-CBT-1065
GIT-DEP WorksheetGross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet
Form 2553Election by a Small Business Corporation
Form 2848Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative

New Mexico

Forms & schedules
Form PTENew Mexico Information Return for Pass-Through Entities
Form RP-41367Annual Withholding of Net Income From a PTE Detail Report
Form RPD-41353Owner's or Remittee's Agreement to Pay Withholding on Behalf of a PTE or Remitter
Form RPD-41354Declaration of Principal Place of Business or Residence in New Mexico
Form RPD-41373Application for Refund of Tax Withheld from Pass-Through Entities
Form PTW-PVAnnual Withholding of Net Income From a Pass-Through Entity Detail Report Tax Payment Voucher
Form RPD-41096Application for Extension of Time to File
Form PTW-EXTAnnual Withholding of Net Income From a Pass-through Entity Detail Report Extension Payment Voucher
Schedule K-1Owner's Share of Income and Other Information

New York

Forms & schedules
Form CT-2658Report of Estimated Tax for Corporate Partners
Form IT-204New York Partnership Return
Form IT-204-IPNew York Partner's Schedule K-1
Form IT-204.1New York Corporate Partners' Schedule K
Form IT-204-CPNew York Corporate Partners' Schedule K-1
Form IT-204-LLLLC/LLP Filing Fee Payment Form
Form IT-370-PFApplication for Automatic Six-Month Extension of Time to File for Partnerships
Form IT-398New York State Depreciation Schedule for IRC Section 168(k) Property
Form IT-2658Report of Estimated Tax for Nonresident Individual Partners
Form MTA-405Estimated MCTMT for Nonresident Individual Partners
Form TR-579-PTNY E-File Authorization for Form IT-204 and IT-204-LL
New York City Forms
NYC-204Unincorporated Business Tax Return (long form)
NYC-204EZUnincorporated Business Tax Return (EZ form)
NYC-5UBPartnership Declaration of Estimated Unincorporated Business Tax
NYC-579-UBTPSignature Authorization for E-Filed Unincorporated Business Tax Return Prepared by an Electronic Return Originator
NYC-EXTExtension of Time to File
Form IT-204-LLNew York Source Gross Income Worksheet

North Carolina

Forms & schedules
Form D-403North Carolina Partnership Income Tax Return
Form D-403TCPartnership Tax Credit Summary
Form D-410PApplication for Extension for Filing Partnership Tax Return
Form NC-K-1Partner's Share of NC Income, Adjustments, and Credits
Form NC-NPANonresident Partner Affirmation
Form CD-478Summary of Tax Credits Limited to 50% of Tax
Form CD-478GTax Credit - Investing in Renewable Energy Property
Form CD-478HTax Credit - Low Income Housing
Form CD-478ITax Credit - Research and Development
Form CD-478JTax Credit - Creating New Jobs
Form CD-478KTax Credit - Investing in Business Property
Form CD-478LTax Credit - Investing in Real Property
Article 3JArticle 3J Qualifying Information

North Dakota

Forms & schedules
Form 58Partnership Return of Income
Form 58-EXTPartnership Extension Payment
Form 58-ESPartnership Estimated Tax Payment
Form 58 - EPVElectronic return payment voucher
Schedule K-1Partner's Share of North Dakota Income, Deductions, Adjustments, Credits, and Other Items.
Schedule RZSchedule for Renaissance Zone Income Exemption and Tax Credits


Forms & schedules
Form IT 1140 Pass-Through Entity and Trust Withholding Tax Return
Form IT 4708Composite Income Tax Return for Certain Investors in a Pass-Through Entity


Forms & schedules
Form 514Oklahoma Partnership Income Tax Return
Schedule K-1Schedule K-1 Resident Partner's Share of Adjustment to Partnership Income
Form 500BReport of Nonresident Member Income Tax Withheld
Form 504Application for Extension of Time to File
Form 511CROther Credits Form
Form 561-PCapital Gain Deduction for Nonresident Shareholders
Form OW-8-ESCEstimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations and Trusts
Form OW-8-PUnderpayment of Estimated Tax Worksheet


Forms & schedules
Form 65Oregon Partnership Return of Income
Form 24Oregon Like — Kind Exchanges/Involuntary Conversions
Form 19Annual Report of Nonresident Owner Tax payments
Form TMTri-County Metropolitan Transportation District Self-Employment Tax
Form LTDLane County Mass Transit District Self-Employment Tax
Form TSE-APOregon Transit Self-Employment Tax Apportionment Worksheet
Schedule APApportionment of income for Corporations and Partnerships
Schedule K-1Distributive Share of Income, Deductions, Credits for Owners of Pass-Through Entities
Oregon Depreciation Schedule
Oregon Affidavit for a Nonresident Owner of a Pass-through Entity
65-VOregon Partnership Return of Income Voucher
TM-VTriMet Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher
LTD-VLTD Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher


Forms & schedules
Form PA-65Pennsylvania Partnership Information Return
Form PA-65 DirectoryPartner Directory
Form PA-65 CorpDirectory of Corporate Partners
Schedule AInterest Income
Schedule BDividend Income and Capital Gain Distributions
Schedule CPCorporate Partner Withholding
Schedule D-ISale, Exchange, or Disposition of Property Within PA
Schedule D-IISale, Exchange, or Disposition of Property Within PA
Schedule D-IIISale, Exchange, or Disposition of Property Outside PA
Schedule D-IVSale, Exchange, or Disposition of Property Outside PA
Schedule ERents and Royalty Income (Loss)
Schedule HApportionment Schedule
Schedule JIncome from Estates or Trusts
Schedule MReconciliation of Federal Taxable Income (Loss) to PA Taxable Income
Schedule NRK-1NonResident Schedule of Pass Through Income, Loss, and Credits
Schedule NWNonResident Withholding Payments
Schedule OCOther Credits
Schedule RK-1Resident Schedule of Pass Through Income, Loss, and Credits
Schedule TGambling and Lottery Winnings
Corporate Forms supported within 1065 for Capital Stock/Foreign Franchise Tax
Form RCT-101Corporate Tax Report
Form RCT-106Apportionment Factors
Form REV-853Annual Extension Request
Form REV-857Estimated Tax Payment
Schedule ARExplanation for Filing Amended RCT-101
Schedule C-3Adjustment for Bonus Depreciation
Schedule C-4Adjustment for Disposition of Bonus Property

Rhode Island

Forms & schedules
Form RI 1065Rhode Island Partnership Tax Return
Schedule K-1Taxpayer's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc.
Form 1120ESRhode Island Estimated Tax Payments
Form 7004Automatic Six Month Extension Request
Form 1096PTRhode Island Pass-Through Withholding Return
Form 1096PT-ESRhode Island Estimated Payment Coupons
Form 1099PTRhode Island Pass-Through Withholding
Form 4868PTExtension of Time to File Withholding Return
Form 1040CRhode Island Composite Income Tax Return
Form 1040C-ESRhode Island Estimated Payment Coupons
Form 4868CExtension of Time to File Composite Return

South Carolina

Forms & schedules
Form SC1065South Carolina Partnership Return
Form SC8736Request for Extension of Time to File/Fiduciary and Partnership
Form SC1065 K-1Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits Etc.


Forms & schedules
Form 170 Tennessee Franchise Excise Tax Return (Includes Schedules A through V)
Form 172 Tennessee Quarterly Franchise, Excise Tax Declaration
Form 173 Tennessee Application for Extension of Time to File Franchise, Excise Tax Return


Forms & schedules
Form 05-102Public Information Report
Form 05-158-ATexas Franchise Tax Report – Long Form page 1
Form 05-158-BTexas Franchise Tax Report – Long Form page 2
Form 05-160Credits Summary Schedule
Form 05-163Texas Franchise Tax Report- No Tax Due Information Report
Form 05-164Extension Request
Form 05-167Ownership Information Report
Form 05-169Texas Franchise Tax Report - Ez-Computation Report
Form 05-170Payment Form
Form 05-175Tiered Partnership Report
Form 05-178R & D Activities Credits Schedule
Form 05-180Historic Structure Credit Supplement for Credit Claimed on Report


Forms & schedules
Form TC-65Utah Partnership/Limited Liability Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return
Schedule AUtah Taxable Income
Schedule HNonbusiness Income Net of Expenses
Schedule JApportionment Schedule
Schedule KPartner' Distributive Share Items
Schedule K-1Partner's Share of Utah Income, Deductions and Credits
Schedule NPass-through Entity Withholding Tax
Form TC-250Credits Received from Upper-tier Pass-through Entities and Mineral Production Withholding Tax Credit on TC-675R
Form TC-544Partnership Return Payment Coupon
Form TC-559Corporation/Partnership Payment Coupon


Forms & schedules
Form BI-471Business Income Tax Return
Form BI-476Business Income Tax Return For Resident Only
Form BI-472Non-Composite Schedule
Form BI-473Composite Schedule
Form BA-402Apportionment & Allocation Schedule
Form BA-403Application for Extension of Time to File Vermont Corporate/Business Income Tax Returns
Form BA-404Tax Credits Earned, Applied, Expired, And Carried Forward
Form BA-406Credit Allocation Schedule
Form BI-470Business Income Tax Return Payment Voucher
Schedule K-1VTShareholder, Partner, Or Member Information


Forms & schedules
Form 502Virginia Pass-Through Entity Return of Income and Return of Nonresident Withholding Tax
Schedule 502AMultistate Pass-Through Entity
Schedule 502ADJAdjustments to Income
Schedule VK-1 (502)Owner's Share of Income and Virginia Modifications and Credits
Form 502VVirginia Pass-Through Entity Tax Payment Voucher
Form 502WPass-Through Withholding Tax Payment

West Virginia

Forms & schedules
Form SPF-100West Virginia S Corporation & Partnership (Pass-Through Entity)
Form SPF-100ESWest Virginia Estimated Tax for Partnerships
Schedule SPShareholder/Partner Information and Nonresident Withholding
Schedule AIncome/Loss Modification to Federal Income
Schedule A-2Modifications to Federal S Corporation
Schedule A-3Allowance for Government Obligations and Schedule of Tax Payments
Schedule BSchedule of Business Capital
Form SPF-100TCSummary of Pass-Through Entity Tax Credits
Form SPF-100APTAllocation and Apportionment for Multistate Businesses
Form SPF-100WWest Virginia Withholding-Credit Schedule Pass-Through Entity
Form SPF-100EXTExtension of Time to File Information Returns
Schedule AFTC-1Alternative-Fuel Tax Credit
Form WV/NRW-4West Virginia Nonresident Income Tax Agreement


Forms & schedules
Form 3Wisconsin Partnership Return
Form 3UUnderpayment of Estimated Economic Development Surcharge by Partnerships
Form 4A-1Apportionment Data
Form 4NNonapportionment and Separately Apportioned Income
Form PW-1Wisconsin Nonresident Income or Franchise Tax Withholding on Pass-Through Entity Income
Schedule DCDevelopment Zones Credits
Schedule DIDairy and Livestock Farm Investment Credit
Schedule DMDairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit
Schedule EBEthanol and Biodiesel Fuel Pump Credit
Schedule ECEnterprise Zone Jobs Credit
Schedule EDEconomic Development Tax Credit
Schedule FPFilm Production Credits
Schedule HRHistoric Rehabilitation Credits
Schedule IEWisconsin Internet Equipment Credit
Schedule JCJob Creation Deduction
Schedule 3K-1Partner's Share of Income, Deductions, etc.
Schedule MPMeat Processing Facility Investment Credit
Schedule RTRelated Entity Expenses Disclosure Statement
Schedule TCTechnology Zone Credit
Schedule VCVenture Capital Credits

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