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You may at times receive a message from Windows that a page contains both Secure and Non-Secure Items.  This is not indicative of a security problem, but simply notes that the page has content that comes from our secure server and content that is delivered over normal internet protocols.

This does not indicate that there is a problem, however if you choose to block content that is not delivered securely, not all information will display on the web page.  You should allow both secure and non-secure content so that images and other elements that are not personal information can be displayed properly.

If you choose to block unsecure content and the page is not displaying correctly, you may reset this choice by clearing your browser cache.

Clearing Browser Cache

You may also set your browser to display mixed content automatically.

  1. Under Tools->Internet Options -> Security Tab
  2. Click Custom Level
  3. For "Display Mixed Content", click "Enable" button
  4. Click OK
If you are still experiencing problems, you may want to try another browser.

Recommended Browsers

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