IRS Reject Codes - Name, Birthdate, SSN Mismatch

Rejection codes that refer to a mismatched name, birth date, or Social Security Number (SSN) indicate that information on Form 1040 or in the filing steps doesn’t match the IRS e-file database.

IRS records are generated by the Social Security Administration, so all names, birth dates, and SSNs should match those on the individuals' Social Security cards.

Common errors include incorrect birthday or SSN for taxpayer or spouse on Form 1040 or in the filing steps; incorrect birthday or SSN for dependent on Form 1040, EIC Worksheet, 8812, 2441, 8863, or 8839; or misspelled, truncated, abbreviated, or incorrectly hyphenated last name.

To correct an error

  1. From within your TaxAct® return (Online or Desktop) click Federal. On smaller devices, click in the upper left-hand corner, then choose Federal.
  2. Click Basic Information to expand the category, then click Name and Address 
  3. Review your entries and any supporting documents listed in the error message.
    • If you received error code R0000-500-01, the primary taxpayer's social security number or last name doesn't match IRS records.
    • If you received error code R0000-503-02, the spouse's social security number or last name doesn't match IRS records.
    • If you received error code IND-525, the primary taxpayer's date of birth doesn't match IRS records.
  4. Click Filing.
  5. Correct any errors and resubmit your return.

To send in your corrected return:

Once you’ve corrected the error, return to the filing section to transmit your corrected return. Your return will not be resubmitted until you click submit. It’s your responsibility to check your e-file status.

TaxAct fees associated with an incorrect SSN:

You won’t be charged again as long as the primary taxpayer’s SSN has not been changed. If the SSN did change because of a typo, you’ll be required to pay for the service again. Then you can request a refund. To do that, fill out a Customer Service Request form. Include both the correct and incorrect SSN.

If you’re unable to determine the error:Contact your local Social Security Administration office or the main office at 1-800-772-1213 to verify the information listed in their files.

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