No Account Error or Submission Problem - Professional Editions

If you receive the following error message:

"[Republic/River City] has informed us that based on your EFIN you are not enrolled to do bank products."

Please make sure of the following:

  1. You have set up an account with the bank. You must contact Republic or River City to do so. You can locate further information regarding the bank products by visiting the bank product pages on our website:
  2. For Republic, verify you entered the correct Republic Bank Identification Number (RBIN) in your preparer master information:
    1. Click Preparer in the top menu, then click Master Information, and then click Preparers.
    2. Click the pencil icon on the left of the correct preparer name.
    3. Click the Electronic Filing Info tab.
    4. Enter the RBIN in the field for Republic Bank Identification Number (select Republic Bank in the Bank Product dropdown field).
    5. In Client Manager, right-click the client name and then click Edit Client(s) Information
    6. In the Return Information section, select the preparer in the Preparer field dropdown menu and then click Save and Close.
    7. If you have checked all the above, but still receive the error message, please contact the appropriate bank to verify the information in their system. If that information matches what you have entered, please e-mail us for further assistance: Put “Attn: Supervisor” in the subject line, state the problem, and provide the following information to us:
      1. Preparer name and EFIN.
      2. Username of account.
      3. Full mailing address on account: number, street, city, state, zip.
      4. For the return, the primary taxpayer first and last name and last four digits of social security number.