Refund Transfers with Republic Bank & Trust Company

2016 tax year enrollment for Republic Bank's Easy Advance and Refund Transfers is now closed.

With over 15 years of experience in the e-file industry and competitive program features, Republic Bank is the right choice for your business.

New! Easy Advance

TaxAct 2016 Professional Editions provide the option to offer your clients $1,250 or $800 as a refund advance, with funding and underwriting by Republic Bank & Trust Company.

This year, you have two Easy Advance program options so you can choose the right fit for both you and your customers! With both options:

  • The process is built into one application in TaxAct 2016 Professional Editions for all Republic Bank products.
  • Refund advance amount is based on net refund (taxpayers' expected refund amount after deduction of all fees) so you know how much your clients are applying for.
  • Available in all 50 states.
  • Refund Transfer NOT required to apply, but you must be enrolled for Republic Bank's Refund Transfer Program.
  • Available for all disbursement types with a Refund Transfer: check, direct deposit, a prepaid card, or Walmart Direct2Cash. If clients do not choose a Refund Transfer, disbursement options are direct deposit or prepaid card.
  • Republic's Easy Advance program is offered at no cost to your clients. Cost is deducted from your tax preparation fees and cannot be passed to the taxpayer.

In order to offer Easy Advance to your clients, you must be approved for Republic Bank's Refund Transfer Program.

Easy Advance will only be offered through February 28, 2017.

Option 1: Easy Advance Plus*
Offer your clients the highest available advance amounts

Easy Advance Amount Net Refund Cost to You
$1,250 $2,501 and up $50
$800 $1,100 – $2,500 $35

Option 2: Easy Advance Basic*
For the cost-conscious

Easy Advance Amount Net Refund Cost to You
$800 $1,100 and up $40

*All information is as of October 2016 and subject to change.

Refund Transfers

Choose the Refund Transfer (RT) pricing plan that's best for your business:

  • Low Cost Leader Option - $25 per Refund Transfer1 and $3 for any additional fundings, you'll have the lowest price around!
  • Revenue Share Option - $35 per Refund Transfer1 and $10 for any additional fundings, you'll get an $8 revenue share off the first funding we receive and a $5 revenue share off any additional fundings.

With Republic Bank, there are no volume requirements, incentive tiers or complicated calculations! Plus, you can earn an additional $5 revenue share for each Visa Prepaid Card that you issue!

Additional program benefits:

  • Receivables Assistance: Republic Bank will provide advance payment of 50% of your tax preparations fees on all acknowledged returns with RT's at the beginning of filing season to help with your financial needs until the IRS funding begins.
  • Taxpayer Text Updates: Save time and resources by letting Republic Bank notify your customers with a text messages when their checks are ready for pick up or their direct deposit has been released!
  • Mobile Phone App: Republic Bank's app will let you know how many checks you're going to print today, how much in fees you're getting, and more.

If you are interested in offering Refund Transfers and/or the Easy Advance service, enroll today with Republic Bank to make sure you're set up in time for tax season.

For more information, visit or call 1-888-676-2056.

Refund Transfers and Easy Advance are offered by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC.

1 The $25 or $35 Refund Transfer Fee is charged at first funding and the additional fee of $3 or $10 is charged on all subsequent deposits, regardless of whether the deposits are federal or state.