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If you choose to use Forms View (instead of the Q&A) in the TaxAct desktop program to enter data for your tax return, be careful when you are directly entering your data. Certain fields pull information from a different part of the program or interview, or are a program-calculated field. Not all of the fields are supposed to be manually entered. It is best to always use the supporting documents/worksheets, when applicable, to ensure the number being pulled to a particular field is correct.

In general, if a form is not calculating correctly, it's likely you have overridden a field when you shouldn't have. Overridden fields are highlighted in red. Follow these steps to clear the override:

  1. From within your TaxAct return (Desktop), hover your mouse over the data entry field that is highlighted Red.
  2. If there is a calculation override, a Calculation Override pop-up will appear next to the field.
  3. Right-Click the red highlighted field, and click Clear Override.

Overridden fields in the program void the Accuracy Guarantee because they may cause the program to not calculate as expected. A return with an overridden field will not be allowed to be e-filed (with the exception of paid preparers). To prevent fields from being overridden, the TaxAct program will notify you with a pop-up warning if you try to type in a field that pulls from another form or is program-calculated.  If the field pulls from another form, you will be able to click Open Supporting Form from within the pop-up warning and enter the information there.  Fields highlighted in blue are pulled into other forms.

If you are unable to navigate through the forms, we suggest you click Q&A in the Options Bar and use the interview method. This entry method will ask questions about your tax situation and place the data in the appropriate place on the return for you.

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