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TaxAct Alliance Marketing Programs

Make TaxAct, the best deal in tax, work for you.

Would you like to promote TaxAct web-based products and services and tap into a potentially lucrative source of revenue? Are you looking for a product that has the appeal to attract new visitors to your site? Do you represent a company that wants to provide its employees and / or customers with a new and useful benefit?

The bottom line is that most everyone must file a tax return. But, like most taxpayers, you probably dread the idea of tax time. To combat the complexities of our nation's ever-changing tax codes, more and more do-it-yourself tax preparers have turned to web-based tax solutions to conserve their time, save money, and avoid making costly mistakes.

TaxAct's products & services provide users benefits such as:

  • Affordable Tax Filing Solutions

    TaxAct is the value leader in the tax preparation industry so your site's visitors can get the best deal in tax.

  • Savings

    TaxAct's premium products are already economically priced.

  • Low-Risk

    Users can try TaxAct before they buy.

  • Complete Coverage

    TaxAct state editions are available for all income-taxing states.

  • Precision & Peace of Mind

    Quick as a click, whether it's context-sensitive or line-by-line help, users are provided with the most recent tax law updates and timely tips that relate specifically to their unique tax situation while the alert system runs checks to ensure accuracy.

  • Adaptability

    First-time and experienced do-it-yourself tax preparers have the utilities, forms, schedules and worksheets to complete both simple and complex returns with confidence.

  • Flexibility and a User Friendly Environment

    Customers and reviewers praise TaxAct's ease of use.

  • Safe & Secure Web Environment

    TaxAct does not employ spyware, adware, product activation technology or other privacy-invading software. We are certified by TRUSTe and members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Plus, the TaxAct and TaxAct Online sites are checked regularly by Trustwave's Trustkeeper to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industries (PCI) Data Security Standard set by major credit card companies including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

  • Service

    We are devoted to helping U.S. taxpayers pay their U.S taxes and we do so with the U.S. labor force. All of our development, marketing, and customer service functions are managed in-house and located in Iowa. The proximity of our staff allows us to react quickly to customer feedback and requests.

  • Convenience

    Over-the-web tax preparation and e-filing services mean: no wait, less rush and no need to ever leave the house!

To read more about TaxAct's Affiliate Program, simply visit Affiliate Program FAQs.