2019 Checklist • 1041 Estate & Trusts

What I Need to File

Reminder: 2019 taxes are due April 15, 2020 for calendar year filers

Completed Basic Info

Will or trust instrument

Name and EIN of the estate or trust

Name, title and address of the fiduciary

Last year’s return

Estimated taxes paid

Beneficiary’s name, address and SSN/EIN

Completed Documents Received

Form W-2s – wage and tax statements

Form 1099s – includes miscellaneous income, interest income, dividend income, unemployment compensations and retirement plan distribution

Form 1099-Ks – payment card and third party network transactions

Form 2439s – notice to shareholder of undistributed long-term capital gains

Schedule K-1s – partnership, S Corporation and trust income

Completed Personal Records

Charitable contributions

Business or employee expenses

Gambling expenses

Investment transactions

Completed E-file/Print

Bank information (account and routing number for direct withdrawal)