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Accessing Next Year Planning Tools

While viewing your return, click the Next Year tab.

This section provides access to the following tools:

2018 Form W-4 Withholding - Determine your withholding allowances and print a new Form W-4 to adjust your withholding and prevent over- or under-withholding.
mySocial Security - Create a free mySocial Security account online to view your personal earnings history, print tax documents, and more.
Tax Calculator - Perform what-if scenarios with your federal income tax return without adjusting your actual numbers. This feature summarizes your tax return and gives you the ability to make adjustments, positive or negative, to see the impact on your taxes.
Backup Return - Make a backup copy of your return for safe keeping.
Product Suggestions - Let us know about your comments and product suggestions so that we can make TaxAct even better for next year.

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