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To check the e-file status of your return, you will need to provide identifying information including your social security number (SSN). Your SSN is the most specific and unique identifier associated with your tax return; there may be dozens of John Smiths in our database, but none will share the same SSN. 

To help keep your personal tax information secure, we require your full social security number to check the status of your return. Due to the margin for error when inputting SSN information, we cannot mask parts of the social security number. 

TaxACT uses the current industry standard SSL 128 bit encryption protocol to protect your personal data as it is being transmitted to our servers. When viewing the EF status webpage, the https at the beginning of the URL (web address) will verify that it is protected and secure. Other indicators are the VeriSign Secured seal and Padlock icon that appear next to the URL in most browsers.


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