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TaxAct® has two different types of products that allow you to prepare, print and e-file your tax return; TaxAct Online and TaxAct Download.

With TaxAct Online, you create an online account and prepare your taxes using a web browser. Your return is saved on our secure servers and you may sign in to your account from any computer with an internet connection. Each TaxAct Online account can prepare one return.

TaxAct Download is software you download and install on your personal computer. Just like any other software, you will save your tax return to your computer, flash drive, etc. The file can only be opened if you have TaxAct software installed on your computer. TaxAct Desktop allows you to prepare and print multiple tax returns, making it perfect for households with multiple taxpayers.

You may also import a previous-year return from TaxAct Desktop into a TaxAct Online account. To learn more, click here.

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