Stock Assistant

Stock Assistant is a valuable tool to provide a quick entry (spreadsheet style) mechanism for capital gain transactions reported on Form 1099-B Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions. You may quickly add new stock transactions by selecting the bottom table row. A new entry will be automatically created and you may enter all the necessary details. If you need help accessing Stock Assistant, go to our Forms 8949 and 1099-B - Entering Stock Transactions in Program FAQ, and follow the steps for #4 - Stock Assistant for Entering Transactions.

Data Entry Fields

  • Description: A description of the stock transaction.
  • Owner: The taxpayer that owns the transaction.
  • Reporting Category: Indicates how the transaction was reported to the taxpayer. The reporting category selection will also determine the holding period for each transaction. Short-term transactions will be indicated with reporting categories A, B, and C, while long-term transactions will be indicated with reporting categories D, E, and F.
  • Date Acquired: The date that the stock was purchased.
  • Cost or Basis: The amount of money paid for the stock. This amount should be the total cost, not a price per share.
  • Date Sold: The date that the stock was sold.
  • Sales Proceeds: The amount of money received when the stock was sold. This amount should be the total amount, not an amount per share.
  • Add'l Info (Additional Information)
  • Gain/Loss: The total amount of gain/loss after any applicable adjustments have been taken into account.
  • Review: This link will take you to the TaxAct Q&A for the current selection.

If you need to delete a transaction or modify multiple transactions, check the box(es) for the transaction(s) under Select All/Clear All and click the appropriate link below:

  • Delete: This link will delete all data and forms for any transactions checked.
  • Change Owner: This link will change the owner for the transactions checked.
  • Change Category: This link will change the reporting category for the transactions checked.