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Installation of TaxACT Enterprise Edition


TaxACT Enterprise Editions allow network sharing of Client returns and universal Preparer settings. When set up properly the Enterprise software will allow you to open and manipulate client returns on all networked PCs, set user-level restrictions, attach documents for future reference, and other advanced features. Please follow the instructions provided below to install the TaxACT Enterprise software.

  1. Before installing TaxACT you will need to have a mapped drive created. If you are not familiar with the mapping process you can contact a local technician to have the drive mapped, please do not map the drive that has the PC operating system installation (usually C:\), use either an alternative partition or map a separate physical hard drive. For further assistance please view the Microsoft help topic by clicking this link: Microsoft Help Topic
  2. Install the TaxACT Enterprise server on the machine with the mapped drive. The program can be installed on the mapped or local drive


  3. Setup your Preparer accounts and user-lever rights

  4. Install the TaxACT Enterprise Client on all remaining PCs, choosing to have the Client Data folder pointing to the mapped drive


To access some of the features that are available only in the TaxACT Enterprise Editions please see below.

To setup or change user-level security options:
  1. Click Preparer
  2. Click Master Information
  3. Click Security
To add attachments to a return:
  1. Open the Document Manager
  2. Double click on the client folder
  3. Click on New Attachment
To use the Online Backup feature:
  1. Click File
  2. Click on Backup
  3. Click Client Return(s)
  4. Make sure the Online radial button is selected and click the Next button
  5. Enter your Username and password and click the Next button (Note that the first time you use the Online backup feature you will need to create an account by clicking the Create Account button)
  6. Select the return(s) you wish to backup on the TaxACT servers (Click the Select All button to backup all clients listed) and click the Finish button

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