Third Party Designee

You can elect to have someone of your choosing discuss your federal tax return with the IRS by completing the Third Party Designee section.

To enter the Third Party Designee in the TaxAct® program:

  1. From within your TaxAct return (Online or Desktop), click Federal (on smaller devices, click in the top left corner of your screen, then click Federal).
  2. Click Miscellaneous Topics in the Federal Quick Q&A Topics menu to expand, then click Third Party Designee.
  3. Click Yes to allow a third party to discuss this return with the IRS.
  4. Complete the information for the person whom you are designating, then click Continue.

You can also designate yourself as a third-party designee if you are preparing a tax return for someone else.

Per IRS Instructions for Form 1040 and Form 1040-SR, page 62:

If you want to allow your preparer, a friend, a family member, or any other person you choose to discuss your 2020 tax return with the IRS, check the “Yes” box in the “Third Party Designee” area of your return. Also enter the designee's name, phone number, and any five digits the designee chooses as his or her personal identification number (PIN).

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