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The IRS has adjusted your tax return including the Earned Income Credit (EIC) and there is a balance due because of the adjustment.

The notice explains the changes to the tax return and the EIC.

If you do not agree with the change, call or write to the IRS at the phone number or address given in the header of the notice.

Sections of the Notice:

  • Header Section: This area contains the Notice Number, the applicable tax year, the notice date, your Social Security Number and the IRS contact number.
  • Explanation Section: This section explains the reasons for the changes to your return and the EIC. It will also explain what you should do.
  • Response Section: If you agree with the changes, follow the instructions for how to submit a payment with the coupon provided. If you have questions or do not agree with the adjustment, the notice directs you to contact the IRS at the number listed in the header section.

Sample CP 11A: There is not a sample CP 11A provided by the IRS at this time.

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