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Password protection for TaxACT Preparer's Enterprise editions has two levels. "PROGRAM" level password and "User" level usernames and passwords.

Finding the Password Protection Feature

To access the Password feature within the TaxACT Preparer's Program:

  • From the "Preparer" menu select MASTER INFORMATION and then EDIT MASTER INFORMATION.
  • Click on the SECURITY tab.

Security Levels

The multiple security levels are explained below. Please see the correlating numbers in the image above.

  1. No Password Protection - The TaxACT program will start without requireing a password to launch the program. Passwords may still be set on individual returns.
  2. Program-Level Password Protection - When starting the TaxACT program, you will be prompted for a password. This password secures access to the program only and does not secure any of the options or preferences within the program (Master Forms, Settings, etc.)
  3. User-Level Password Protection - This functionality sets the USER level usernames and passwords, which must be supplied at program log in.


    The user rights may be assigned when you add user accounts to grant or restrict access on an individual level. In order to be able to manage the user rights assigned, at least one account will need to have the right to edit master information.

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