Form W-2 - Box 14 Information

Box 14 of Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement allows your employer to enter a variety of information.  Employers might use abbreviations and codes in Box 14, and you may need to ask your employer to interpret those abbreviations or codes.  Reporting Box 14 information in your W-2 in TaxAct is only for your benefit and tax records.  The information you enter for Box 14 will not automatically flow to any other forms, so if you have Box 14 information that needs to be reported on other parts of your return, you will need to enter the information in the appropriate section of the Federal Q&A.

Fill out Form W-2 in your TaxAct return, and enter your Box 14 - Description, Amount, and other information (if you need help, go to our Form W-2 - Entering in the TaxAct Program FAQ):

  1. From within your Form W-2, continue with the interview process until you reach the screen titled W-2: Enter Your information.
  2. Scroll down to the Box 14 section, and click the checkbox next to Yes, there is something in Box 14.
  3. On the screen titled W-2: Enter your information from Box 14, enter the information listed on the W-2 you received. Click View More for additional guidance.

Employers may use Box 14 to report information in the list below:

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