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There are various options to pay your TaxAct product fees. In order to see all the available options in TaxAct, you will be prompted for your consent. An additional charge will apply when choosing to pay your TaxAct fees from your tax refund.

Within the electronic filing steps for your return, after you consent to viewing all payment options, you can choose to receive your refund via Direct Deposit or by a paper check sent to you in the mail.

Choose to receive refund by:Pay TaxAct fees by:Additional Fee:Receive Refund…
Paper CheckCredit CardNoneDirectly from IRS

Direct Deposit
Credit CardNoneDirectly from IRS
Direct DepositDeducting from Refund*Charged By Republic BankRepublic Bank receives refund, deducts TaxAct fees, Republic Bank product fees, and deposits remainder to specified account.

Your Federal refund amount must be $50 greater than TaxAct and Republic Bank processing fees in order to qualify for this option. 

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