Reviewing Your Return with Double-Check

Reviewing your return is easy with the TaxAct Double-Check feature.

You can review your return manually as well as using the Double-Check feature, which can identify missing or incomplete information that may bring your return to the attention of the IRS. Plus, you will be alerted to possible tax saving opportunities you may have missed.

Manually Reviewing your Return

To manually review all entries, click Basic Info. From there, click Continue through each screen, visually reviewing your entries for accuracy.

You may also skip to any section within the return by using the navigation menu. Click any of the links to begin a comprehensive review of that section.

Reviewing Alerts

  1. Click Review.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. Desktop customers will be asked to check for program updates. Click Check for Updates; when updates are complete, click Continue.
  4. The Double-Check process will review your return for problems before you file. Choose the messages you would like to review:
    • Red Alerts identify incomplete or inconsistent information. If left uncorrected, the issue flagged with a Red Alert may prevent calculations from being completed, or could result in an inquiry by the IRS or State agency after you file.
    • Yellow Warnings identify potential problems or prompt you for additional actions required on your part. Review your return and double-check your entries for anything flagged with a Yellow Alert.
    • Green Potential Savings identify opportunities for potential tax savings. These alerts are for your information and consideration.
  5. Click Run the Review.

What happens when I run the Double-Check process?

  • Incomplete or missing information is flagged so you can go back and make needed corrections.
  • When you submit your return for electronic submission, TaxAct ensures your return meets all IRS electronic filing requirements.
  • It is possible that your return passes the Double-Check process but does not qualify for e-filing. If that happens, you will receive an email with more details.

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