Preparing Your Federal Return

Preparing your Federal Return is easy using TaxAct. The Interview will take you through your return from start to finish. If you prefer to jump around, you can use the Menus or Site Map to jump to different topics in the Interview.

Basic Info: Enter your basic information such as Name, Address, SSN, Filing Status, etc.

Federal: This step will take you through the main topics to enter your tax information, such as Wages and Salaries, Form 1099-MISC, Other Income, Other Adjustments, Other Credits, etc.

State: Once you have completed the Federal Q&A process, the next step is to complete your state return. Answer a few state-specific questions and your state return is finished, too. State Program Release Dates.

Review: Review your return using a suite of valuable tools to assist you with your review. The Double-Check feature reviews your entries and identifies missing or incomplete information that may bring your return to the attention of the IRS. Plus, you will be alerted to possible tax-saving opportunities you may have missed.

Filing: TaxAct offers you two ways to file your Federal return: print and file a paper return or file electronically!

Next Year: Be prepared for your 2024 return with TaxAct's planning tools!

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