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Navigating through TaxACT Online is easy with the Menus or Site Map.

TaxACT Online provides an easy to use Interview format which will take you through your return from start to finish. From starting your return, to importing your data from last year, to preparing your Federal and State returns, to Reviewing your return for any issues, and Filing your Return Electronically or Printing a Paper Return.

You can also skip to any part of the Interview by using the Menus or the Topic List.

Navigating using the Menus

To navigate to a major section in the TaxACT program, simply click on any of the tabs at the top of the window. This will take you directly to the beginning of that section.

Simply click on any of the these tabs to go to that particular section within the Interview questions.

Navigating using the Topic List or Forms List

To search for or browse a particular topic, click the "Jump To Topics" link as indicated below.

After clicking either button, you can navigate in a Windows folder-like view to the desired item and click to choose the appropriate item.

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