TaxAct Software For Previous Years

TaxAct offers the option to purchase previous years' editions of TaxAct. We offer our download program back to 2013 and the online program back to the previous tax year. Please note that TaxAct does not support e-filing of previous years returns; therefore, they would need to be printed and mailed in.

For an individual preparing their own return, you can Access Prior Year Tax Returns to view the programs we have available.

There are two sections on this page which are labeled "Online Products" and "Download Products." The Online Products section is for customers who wish to use the previous year's online product. The Download Products section is for customers who want to work with years 2019 and older - which are only available as downloadable desktop products.

For tax professionals, we also offer the option to purchase previous years versions of the TaxAct Professional Editions. Visit the Previous Year TaxAct Professional Editions page for further information.