Common Printing Difficulties - TaxAct Online

When printing your TaxAct Online Return, the TaxAct program creates a document in the Portable Document Format with a file extension of .pdf. This file is read by a program installed on your computer called Adobe Reader and displayed on your screen and printed if you choose.

Sometimes users of the TaxAct Online system are unable to view or print this document and instead receive either a blank pop-up window or no window at all.

First you should check that your computer meets the minimum requirements for TaxAct Online

Pop-Up Windows

Some browsers or third party programs block pop-up windows. To successfully print your return, you must disable these pop-up blockers

Reading a PDF Document

As noted earlier, TaxAct generates the tax return file in the pop-up window in PDF format. In order to view this file, you must first have a compatible reader installed such as Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

If you are having difficulty installing or using Adobe Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe Support for assistance.