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Data entry errors are the most common cause of rejections. Carefully review all entries related to your rejection to avoid further problems.

For specific information regarding an error code, see Most Common E-file Rejection Codes.

Most rejections are due to:

  • Incorrect entries for name, SSN, or birth date in the Basic Information section.
  • Data entry errors for employer address or EIN information on Forms W-2 or 1099 in the Federal section.
  • Incorrect prior year Adjusted Gross Income or PIN entered during the Filing step.

After correcting errors, print your return and review it before resubmitting. Then repeat the Filing steps to resubmit your return.

You will not be billed again for resubmitting a rejected return. You may be prompted for your credit card number, but you will not be charged.

One possible exception is if you change the primary taxpayer's Social Security Number. In that case, you will be charged again since the system sees this as a new return. After resubmitting, contact Customer Support to request a billing correction. 

If your return was accepted but you discover you need to add or correct information, see Amending Your Federal Return.

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