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Entering data directly on a form is easy with TaxACT Desktop and TaxACT Preparer's programs.

  1. Click on the Forms button on the tool bar to bring up the Forms Explorer.
  2. In the left pane, find the appropriate form, document received, or worksheet desired. Click on the plus sign to expand the list beneath it.
  3. Either double-click on an existing form or click on Add Copy to open the form. NOTE: Some forms are only available in the Final and Deluxe versions and will return a pop up menu with an explanation. Other forms may be listed but cannot be accessed directly. In this case, when you click on "Add Copy," you will see a list of schedules or worksheets that must be completed first for the information to flow back to the form you desire.
  4. Find the appropriate line on the form that is now open, highlight the number in the blue field and click on the yellow folder to open the supporting document/worksheet for that field.
  5. Additional copies can be created for most forms by selecting the document button in the upper left corner or clicking on Add Copy from within the Forms Explorer.

Please use caution when entering data directly on to a form. Any field that displays a blue number is pulling information from a different part of the program or interview or is a calculated field. Only the green numbers are user entry fields.

For example: To enter depreciation

  1. Select the Forms button
  2. Open the Federal 1040
  3. Scroll down to line 12 Business Income or Loss
  4. Highlight the blue number and click on the yellow folder. This takes you to Schedule C.
  5. Scroll down to line 13 Depreciation
  6. Highlight the blue number and click on the yellow folder. This takes you to Form 4562. Note that you cannot enter information directly onto this form.
  7. Click on any of the blue numbers and it will open up a Depreciation Worksheet
  8. In the upper left hand corner there is a button to create additional copies of the worksheet if needed.
  9. Once completed, the data will flow to the correct location on the 4562 and in turn the Schedule C and 1040.

If you are unable to locate the form, schedule or worksheet in the list displayed, it is not supported in our product. You may download it directly from the IRS at the link below.

If you are unable to navigate through the forms, we suggest that you select the Q&A button and use the interview method. This will ask questions about your particular tax situation and place the data in the appropriate location.

IRS Publications Page

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