Most Common E-File Error and Rejection Codes

You can choose one of the following help topics addressing the most common e-filing problems, or click any of the following appropriate error codes listed.

Common electronic filing issues:

Click the error code listed in your rejection notice from the following to view the applicable help topic:

F1040-510 F1099R-002 IND-025R0000-500SEIC-F1040-501-01
F1040-511 F1099R-003 IND-026R0000-503SEIC-F1040-506-01
F1040-512 F1099R-004 IND-027R0000-504-01SEIC-F1040-535-01
F1040-513 F1099R-502-01 IND-028R0000-507-01SEIC-F1040-536-01
F1040-524 F2439-502 IND-031R0000-902SEIC-F1040-537-01
F1040SSPR-507 FW2-502 IND-032  
F1040SSPR-511 FW2G-007 IND-039  
F1040SSPR-512 FW2G-502 IND-040  

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