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To print your return or individual forms associated with your return, you must have the TaxAct program and return file on your computer. If you no longer have the return file, you may contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 if you filed the return to request a copy. TaxAct does not retain copies of returns that were prepared and electronically filed with the TaxAct Desktop program.

Please follow the appropriate instructions below to print your return or individual forms:

Printing Your Return

  1. In your TaxAct program, you can do either of the following:
    • Click the Print button on the toolbar. On the Printer Center box, you should be on the tab for Return.
    • On the main menu bar click File, then on the dropdown menu click Print Return.
  2. You can now choose the number of copies you wish to print. Then click the Print button.
  3. You can then choose the output option. Select your printer and your settings and click OK.
  4. The program defaults to a Print Preview (unless you remove the option for this). This will be Adobe Reader (or any equivalent you have set up on your system). Use the print command in this window. Depending on the version of Adobe Reader (or equivalent), this may be an icon on a tool or menu bar, or a command on the File menu, or an icon on a toolbar in the bottom center of the screen when you hover the mouse there. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P should also work. You may then get a further box for your printer. Click the Print button.

Please note that at either step 3 or 4 above, you can save a copy of the return as PDF. This will be a digital copy of the return that you can keep and print at any later time.

You can also print your return from the Filing tab with the Mail Paper Return option. If you choose this option, please carefully read the instructions presented within the program and follow the directions provided.

Printing Individual Forms

  1. Click the Forms button on the toolbar.
  2. Navigate to the form you wish to print using the navigation pane on the left side of the window.
  3. Double-Click on the desired form name and ensure that the form you wish to print is displayed on the right hand pane.
  4. Click the Print icon in the Forms toolbar (to the left of the form name above the form).

Or you can use this method:

  1. On the main menu bar click File, then on the dropdown click Custom Print.
  2. On the Custom tab, use the two areas to check the box next to the form(s) you want to print.
  3. Click the Print button in the lower right corner of the Print Center box.

After either of those methods, see the first steps 3 and 4 above.

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