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You can prepare a state tax return in TaxACT desktop software or TaxACT Online.  Most of the information required for your state return is entered in the Federal Q&A and flows to the state return. The State Q&A then prompts you for additional information specific to your state. You must complete the Federal Q&A to accurately prepare your state return.

Each state has different requirements for electronically filing a state return. Most states prefer to have the state return submitted with the Federal return, but they will accept a state return submitted alone. Arkansas requires state returns to be e-filed with the federal, so if you have already e-filed your federal return, you must print and file a paper return when filing for Arkansas.

If you want to electronically file ONLY your state return, but you do not see an option to file ONLY the state return, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Filing tab.
  2. Click on Mail Paper Return.
  3. Continue through the screens until you print your Federal Return.
  4. Once your Federal Return is printed, click the Filing tab again to repeat the Filing steps.
  5. This time, click on File Electronically.
  6. Continue through the screens until you reach the prompts for selecting e-files.


You should now see an option to file ONLY the State return, as well as options to e-file ONLY federal or file BOTH returns.

When e-filing multiple state returns, complete the Filing steps for the Federal and one state return. Then repeat the filing steps to submit additional state returns.

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