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To obtain your Electronic Filing Status:

  1. Visit the TaxAct E-File and Tax Refund Status page.
  2. Select the year you filed from the Tax Return Year drop-down.
  3. Select the type of return you filed from the Tax Return Type drop-down.
  4. Enter your Last Name, Zip Code, and Social Security Number.
  5. Check I'm not a robot, then click Check E-file Status.

This will display the status of your filed return.

Note. If you cannot find your return status:

  1. You may be entering the wrong Social Security Number (SSN).
    • The SSN entered should be the primary taxpayer SSN for the return (first SSN listed on the 1040). You cannot locate a return by the secondary taxpayer or a dependent.
    • There may be a typo in the primary taxpayer's SSN. Please verify the information entered in Basic Information.
  2. You may not have successfully completed the electronic filing process.
    • You may have progressed as far as printing but have not actually submitted electronically.
    • You may have unknowingly selected to paper file instead of electronically file. To successfully complete the electronic filing process, you must complete all steps and click Submit. If the submission was successful, you will see a screen indicating that your return was submitted.

If your return isn't listed (and you filed more than 24 hours ago and haven't received an e-mail confirmation), your submission may not have gone through. Repeat the electronic filing steps to submit your return. If you continue to have difficulties, we encourage you to contact TaxAct Service & Support.

TaxAct can track returns which have been e-filed with our software to the point of them being accepted or rejected; however, we receive no information from IRS or the various state taxing agencies about the status of returns (or amended returns) that you submit via United States Postal Service. If you paper-filed your tax return (or amended return) by mailing it to IRS and/or your state’s Department of Revenue, we recommend your contacting those agencies for a status update. IRS requests that you wait four weeks after you mailed your return before checking the refund status.

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