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TaxACT offers product guarantees for each of our product formats.  We have listed those guarantees below:

TaxACT Online and TaxACT Express Guarantees
  • Maximum Refund Pledge (Free Edition, Express and Deluxe Editions of TaxACT only)
  • Price Lock Guarantee
  • Accuracy Guarantee (Free Edition, Express, Deluxe and State Editions of TaxACT only)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
TaxACT Desktop (Download/CD Users) Guarantees
  • Accuracy Guarantee (Free Edition, Deluxe and State Editions of TaxACT only)
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Maximum Refund Pledge (Free Edition and Deluxe Editions of TaxACT only)
*Our Professional Preparer and Consumer 1041 products do not include the Accuracy Guarantee or the Maximum Refund Pledge.

You may find more information regarding the TaxACT product guarantees by viewing the Product Guarantee page.

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