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If you are living outside the U.S. and would like to place an order with us but cannot take advantage of our toll-free phone number, you may order directly from our website or by calling us at 319-373-3600. 

You may also complete a Customer Service Request Form and start communication on what product(s) you would like to purchase. We will need to acquire pertinent information from you to set up a new customer account in our database. If you already have an existing account, please reference that information within your email communication to us.

Unfortunately we are unable to mail any packages outside of the U.S., so downloading is your only format alternative when ordering our desktop software products.

We strongly recommend our TaxACT Online software as a way to avoid the hassle of saving another file to your hard drive, thus taking up valuable hard drive space. This is a great option for those that live outside the United States and have access to the Internet. Your TaxACT Online return is completed on our website TaxACTOnline then stored on our company server for safe keeping. You can register and begin your current years tax return using the preview the first week of October. The final version of TaxACT Online is released in January each year.

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