Mailing Addresses for Filing

In order to obtain the mailing address and/or instructions for your federal or state return, please use the instructions below. Please make sure to follow the instructions for the TaxAct program you're using.

  1. Sign In to your TaxAct account
  2. Open the appropriate return
  3. Click Print Center in left navigation column
  4. Click Instructions/Reports
  5. Choose the appropriate return instructions
  6. Click Print
  7. Click the link ending in .pdf
  8. Once you can view the instructions, you may print or save them using the icons or keyboard keystrokes (Print - CTRL - P; Save - CTRL - S)
  1. Open the TaxAct Program located on your computer
  2. Click Reports which is located on the menu bar at the top of the program
  3. Hover over Paper Filing Instructions
  4. Choose the appropriate return instructions (Federal or State)
  5. Click Print
  6. Make the appropriate choices on the Print Reports screen

The instructions provided will provide the due date of the return, the mailing address, and the balance due or expected refund amount. The instructions will also provide information regarding required attachments to mail with your return.

You may also find the appropriate mailing address from the IRS website.