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In order to obtain the mailing address when filing your federal or state return by paper, please use the instructions below. Please make sure you are using the instructions for the appropriate TaxACT program.

TaxACT Desktop

  1. Open your TaxACT Program located on your computer
  2. Click on Reports which is located on the menu bar at the top of the program
  3. Hover your mouse on Paper Filing Instructions
  4. Click on Federal Return or State Return

The instructions provided will provide the due date of the return, the address in which to mail the return, and the balance due or expected refund amount. The instructions will also provide information regarding the required attachments that should be mailed with your return.

TaxACT Online

  1. Sign In to your TaxACT Online account
  2. Click on the Filing tab
  3. Click on Mail My Return
  4. Click Continue
  5. Choose which return(s) you wish to print/obtain the mailing address for (If no state is attached, you will not get this screen)
  6. Proceed through the steps until you pass the point of printing your returns (you may close the pop-up print window if you have already printed your returns)
  7. On the screen titled Paper Filing - Federal Filing Instructions click on the View/Print Instructions button
  8. If printing your state also, continue after printing the Federal Instructions until you are prompted to View/Print Instructions for your state return as well

You may also find the appropriate mailing address from the IRS website here.

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