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Your TaxAct program must be matched to the account on which you have a purchase with prepaid or unlimited e-filing in order to use it. Your Practice ID, which automatically enters in your program with the account you use to sign in, is what matches the program to your account information. So you must sign into your program with the correct username.

If you encounter the Preparer E-File Wizard, you will need to make sure the preparer entry has the correct name, EFIN and PTIN (or SSN if not using a PTIN).

To enter the verification information for your prepaid efiling:

  1. In the Professional Program, choose Preparer from the menu bar.
  2. Place your mouse over Master Information and on the pop-out menu click Preparers.
  3. In the Preparer Name list on the right, click the pencil icon to the left of the preparer's name entry.
  4. Make sure the preparer name is correct in the name fields.
  5. Click the Electronic Filing Info tab. Make sure to enter your EFIN and PTIN (or SSN if not using a PTIN).

This is for your prepaid filing and to check the status of your client's returns online.

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