Clearing the Program Cache

For Windows or JavaScript errors in the program, please follow the instructions below to clear the cache in the TaxAct folder:

  1. Close all versions of TaxAct. You may want to restart your computer or use Task Manager to ensure no versions of TaxAct are running.
  2. Open a File Explorer window. Click on the yellow folder in your taskbar, or press the Windows key + R and type "explorer" and hit enter.
  3. Press Alt + D to highlight the Address Bar.
  4. Type "%AppData%" and hit enter. Note: The AppData folder is considered a "hidden folder," which means you may need to click View at the top of the page and check the box for Hidden Items.
  5. Go back one folder by pressing Alt + Up Arrow or clicking "AppData" in the Address Bar.
  6. Double Click on the "Local" folder.
  7. Double Click on the "TaxAct" folder (you may need to scroll down to locate it).
  8. Double Click on the "TaxAct 20XX" folder (where XX is the tax year you are having issues with).
  9. Delete the "Cache" folder.