Uploading Documents with the IRS Document Upload Tool

Taxpayers who receive certain notices requiring them to send information to the IRS may now upload their documents online through IRS.gov, rather than mail them in. Please note that taxpayers may securely respond to these notices regardless of having an IRS Online Account.

The following notices are currently available for electronic upload:

  • CP04, relating to combat zone status.
  • CP05A, information request related to a refund.
  • CP06 and CP06A, relating to the Premium Tax Credit.
  • CP08, relating to the Child Tax Credit.
  • CP09, relating to claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • CP75, relating to the EITC.
  • CP75A, relating to the EITC.
  • CP75D, relating to the EITC and other credits.

Taxpayers who receive one of these notices will be told to “Send us your documents using the Documentation Upload Tool within 30 days from the date of this notice” and be given a link and unique access code.

To Upload Documents to IRS.gov:

    1. Open the link in any browser and enter the unique access code, first and last name, and Social Security, Individual Taxpayer Identification or Employee Identification number.
    2. Upload up to 40 files, including scans, photos, or digital copies of documents, with a maximum of 15MB per file.
    3. A confirmation of documents received will be sent to the taxpayer for their records.

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