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Per the IRS:

If you do not believe you should be required to complete Form 8962 and attach it to your return,

    1. Please confirm that APTC was not paid to your Marketplace health insurance company for any member of your family in 2021. To confirm the APTC was not paid, you should attach to your return a pdf attachment titled "ACA Explanation" with a written explanation of the reason why you believe Form 8962 should not be required.
    2. You may also upload any copies of a corrected or voided Form 1095-A from the Marketplace or any notice issued by the Marketplace indicating proof of no enrollment. You should follow the instructions provided by your software company on how to attach a pdf attachment to your return.

*Numbers and emphasis added for easier readability

To utilize the corrected or voided copy of Form 1095A, the customer will need to contact Marketplace directly. Otherwise the customer should follow the guidelines above to write their statement and save it in a pdf format. There is a 3MB (2MB for desktop) total attachment(s) limit that the customer will need to be aware of just in case there are other attachments to the return.

Once that has been completed, have the customer follow these steps:

    1. Log into your return.
    2. Click Federal.
    3. Click Miscellaneous Topics from the list of topics.
    4. Click Additional Information for E-Filing.
    5. Click ACA Explanation.
    6. Check the box indicating Form 8962 is not required to be attached to this return, then click Continue.

    Using the IRS guidelines above, you will need to create a statement and save it as a pdf to be attached to your return.

    7. Click Filing and go through the steps to resubmit your return. During this process, you will be required to attach the pdf statement explaining why Form 8962 is not required via the Attachment Manager.
    8. After clicking Attach Documents a pop-up window will appear (if it does not, you will need to disable your pop-up blocker or try another browser).
    9. Click Add.
    10. Click Choose Fileand select the appropriate file from your computer, then click Finish.

There should be a green check mark next to the Federal ACA Explanation if the upload has been successful. Please remember that there is a size limit of 3MB (2MB for desktop) total for all attachments to the return. If the screen is blank, then the file is likely too large and you will need to shrink the file and attach it once again. When that is completed, click the X on the pop-up window to close and continue to the final steps of e-filing the return.

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