Data Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

TaxAct now includes the ability to convert previous year 1040 ProSeries, TaxSlayer Pro™, and Taxwise® client data. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of returns are converted to TaxAct?

ProSeries 1040 Individual (all files ending with .21i or .21I extension), TaxSlayer 1040 Individual (all files ending with .22.ir_ extension), and TaxWise 1040 Individual (files usually start with "2I" unless they have been manually named.)

How do I backup my data for conversion?

Back up your files by storing them in your local drive or the Cloud

What should I do to prepare for TaxAct data conversion?

    1. Check System Requirements (found at the bottom of the link) to make sure your system meets or exceeds the minimum or recommended requirements.
    2. Make sure you have a stable internet connection
    3. Remove any locks or passwords on clients’ files before beginning conversion.

What is the expected time to convert a file to TaxAct?

Conversion time depends on the number of files or returns you are converting at a given time.

What do I do when a client’s data fails to convert?

When the data fails to convert, first export the results to CSV and check the reasons for the errors. Retry conversion with the errors corrected.

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