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The installation process for TaxAct Professional Editions has been simplified. The TaxAct Professional Installer will download and run the installation for all your products at once. The installer will also let you know which products are not yet available. When they become available, we'll let you know. You need a TaxAct Professional account to sign in to the program, and you need to purchase your TaxAct Professional Edition products before installing. If you are an Enterprise user, we suggest you purchase your software prior to using 2023 to avoid complications with setting up your practice.

To install your TaxAct Professional Edition products:

  1. Click this link to automatically download the TaxAct installer: TaxActProfessionalSetup.exe. If the TaxAct installer does not launch, click TaxActWebSetup.exe instead.
  2. The download will appear at the bottom of this screen, then click the download TaxActProfessionalSetup.exe
  3. On the screen titled Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?, click Yes.
  4. On the screen titled Welcome!, follow the installer instructions to select, download, and install your products.

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