Opening BluVest IRA Account With Tax Refund

When you file with TaxAct, you have the opportunity to use your tax refund to open a new IRA account.

After completing the Itemized Deductions section in TaxAct, the Use Your Tax Refund to Fund Your Retirement screen appears. Here, you may choose to use your tax refund to open an IRA account through BluVest.

The next screen offers a slider feature to help you discover how opening an IRA account could impact your refund. Experiment with this feature to see how your decisions can change your refund. If you want real-time tax information, click Yes in response to Do you want to see the slider with your tax data to see how much you could save?

You will need to fill out the federally required consent form in order for your tax information to be used for this purpose. After giving consent, you will see the slider screen again, but with your tax numbers plugged in.

The next step will be the Start Saving for Retirement and Lower Your Tax Bill screen, where you can choose to set up a new IRA, indicate that you already have a plan, or opt out completely.

If you choose to open an account, you can open an IRA account right in the TaxAct program through BluVest.

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