Preparer - Instruction Letter for Pro Client - Mail or E-File

To choose whether the instruction letter to your client is about mailing the paper return or e-filing:

  1. Open the return.
  2. On the main menu bar, go to Preparer > Instruction Letter > Edit Client Copy > Federal >. The instruction letter will then appear in the view pane of your Forms view (usually on the right).
  3. Look for the bullet point item Indicate how this return will be filed
  4. Beneath it:
    • For e-filing, Check the box for If return is e-filed, enter the date of file. You can then type in a "date" or use any of the form options below.
    • For paper filing, Check the box for If a paper return will be filed, do not enter e-file date (above) to indicate paper filing.

You can then print the instruction letter directly with the printer icon above the form in the blue bar, or from any of the commands to print the return (the Print button on the toolbar, from Preparer > Print Returns, from File > Custom Print or Print Client Return), or during the filing steps. When you get a Print Center window, make sure you are on the Client Return tab and that you specify at least one copy for Federal Instruction Letter. Then click the Print button at the bottom.

To print the instruction letter in the e-filing steps, when you come to the screen E-filing - Topics, use the option Print Return and E-file Documents. On the E-filing - Print page, use the Click here link at the beginning of the first paragraph for instructions addressed to your client. The Print Selected Items button will give instructions intended for the preparer.

For the state return, the instructions are the same as above, but at step 2, you will choose Preparer > Instruction Letter > Edit Client Copy > State > then the particular state. Step 3 will have slightly different language for the options under a section labeled in most cases Indicate how this state return will be filed.