Error Checking Out Online Return

If an error occurs when you try to Check Out a client return, the error was likely caused by one of these issues:

  • The file's Read Only attribute is selected
  • The file has become corrupt
  • The TaxAct program can't locate the file
  • The file was deleted

To deselect the Read Only attribute (go to Microsoft Support for more help):

  1. Close the TaxAct program or webpage.
  2. In the taskbar at the bottom of your computer screen, click in the field that says Type here to search, then type "file explorer", and click Open.
  3. Navigate to the file that will not open, then Right-click the file, and click Properties.
  4. In the window that appears, click the Checkbox next to Read Only to uncheck it (if it is not already unchecked), then click Apply, and click Ok.

If the Read Only attribute is not selected, try one of these FAQs: