Error Checking Out Online Return

This error may be caused by a return file that is not accessible but has been saved on TaxAct servers. The file could have a read-only attribute set, or problems with Windows ownership properties, or could be corrupt. This can occur in the transfer of the file between Windows user accounts, from one volume to another (computer to computer, external storage medium to computer, network drive to computer) or between your system and TaxAct servers. An interruption during transmission could cause file corruption at any point; for example, if there was a loss of power or Internet connection during transfer.

You will first need to locate the file on your system(s). With Windows Explorer (Windows logo key + E) check the default location of each computer in your practice that the file may have been opened on:

          C:\TaxAct\TaxAct 20XX Professional Edition\Client Data\[Practice ID]      (Where XX = the last two digits of the program year.)

You are looking for a file with the name type:

          Online Storage - Client ID [number]

For the actual number of the file, you can check the Filename column of Client Manager, usually the last one on the right (use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Client Manager frame).

You can then check on any network drive or external storage media where you may have saved the file.

If you locate the file, create a copy. Right-click the file, then click Copy on the context menu (or right-click and use Ctrl + C). You can then paste the file in the same place and it will automatically create a new name including "Copy of", or you can paste the copy in a different location, such as your desktop.

Return to your TaxAct program, then select File > Add Client Return > Open 20XX Client On My Computer to open this new file. If the file will open, it will save back to the server.

If you are unable to open the file with the TaxAct program, it may be corrupt. In that case, there is no way to retrieve it. If you cannot locate a local copy of the file, then the server copy will have no access, for whichever reason listed above, and you will not be able to retrieve it. If you saved a PDF copy of the return prior to filing, you can use that if you need to create a new return file.